Who Will Play Black Aquaman in the Inevitable Alabama Ferry Brawl Movie?
Photo: Mccallk69 / Getty Images

Who Will Play Black Aquaman in the Inevitable Alabama Ferry Brawl Movie?

A seaside fight along racial lines has turned into a viral sensation

If you want a story that has it all (and movie potential!) you could do a lot worse than a Saturday fight in Alabama involving a Black ferry worker, a gang of white men attacking him, and a subsequent group of Black men who came to the worker's rescue.

There were multiple videos of the assault and fight-back, causing the Montgomery incident to go from a local disgrace to a full-on viral event on social media and then a meme factory.

So, first, here's what actually happened in case you missed it: A Black riverboat worker trying to get a group of white men and women to move their illegally parked boat to make way for a ferry was attacked by those men. As The Guardian reports, the attack appeared to be along racial lines. But soon, justice at the riverfront park: Black men—including one hero who swam in—came to the rescue (social media watchers called him "Blaquaman!" "Michael B. Phelps!" and "Scuba Gooding Jr., among other monikers).

A local station says multiple warrants are out for arrests in connection to the incident and it appears that one of the men who attacked the worker may have owned a Mini Mart business that is now being boycotted.

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Now, our biggest question about the incident: Who will be cast in the roles of the brawlers if we're able to convince Ryan Coogler to make a film (or prestige TV!) adaptation of the event? We loved seeing Robert Townsend play Sydney’s dad on the recent season of The Bear. He's the right age and build to play the ferry worker—a guy who is about to get beaten down, but not out.

As for Blaquaman, the strong swimmer who arrives by sea, let's just go with the meme and say Michael B. Jordan should play Michael B. Phelps. It's obvious, but it works.

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Our vote for baseball-hat wearing white attacker would be Jake Lacy from White Lotus season 1: He just seems like the kind of actor who could pull off "Entitled man who won't move his pontoon." He'd be the ringleader egging on his buddies.

And giving the movie a meta spin, we'd like to see Insecure actress Natasha Rothwell play Lauryn Lauren, the woman who filmed the incident and posted it to Facebook. She says people want to send her gifts. A movie role based on you might be even better!