Marcus, Sydney, and Tina, from FX's 'The Bear'
Photo: FX

7 ‘The Bear’ Characters Who Should Have Their Own Cooking Show, Ranked

We've seen Carm's nightmarish cooking-show dream; what would others look like?

7. Ebraheim

We Do It Old School would be a return to cooking shows where things take a little too long to prepare and the final product is hit or miss. But who needs precision when you’ve got something much more important: tradition.

6. Richie

Not much will be cooked on Suit Up! With Richie Jerimovich, but you'll hear some great, profane stories, maybe for the 10th time, and maybe there'll be some crying about lost love and Richie's fondness for his daughter.

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5. Fak

The fix-it cousin's show would be all tech hacks and clever work-around to making a meal: Fakkin' Food Up!

4. Sydney

This will raise your blood pressure: Even when she knows what she's doing, Sydney will seem stressed and overwhelmed. Every delicious dumpling, imaginative omelette, or chaos-menu offering will be followed by a breakdown and a 15-minute smoke break out in the back alley to decompress. The show's ironic title: Don't Overthink It!

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3. Tina

Hilarious mom stories, side-eyes at assistants who aren't super helpful, and plenty of "Yes, Jeff," which never gets old. And it's in Spanish/Spanglish: Tendrás Ganas de Comer con Tina.

2. Donna (Carm's mom)

A high-stress, fast-paced, scream-till-you're-hoarse tour-de-force led by Jamie Lee Curtis, this would be a show where only seven-fish dishes are ever cooked and usually quite badly. It's not a great cooking show, but it's award-worthy drama and pathos. Call it Fished to Death.

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1. Marcus

The kind and super-chill pastry chef would be the sweet balm to your stressful day, as he unrolls the treats he's learned to make from his studies and his formative trip to Denmark. Next-Level Sweets would be must-see TV.