7 Build-A-Bears That Shouldn't Exist, Ranked
Photo: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images and Build-a-bear Workshop

7 Build-A-Bears That Shouldn't Exist, Ranked

Nothing cute about these plush monstrosities

7. Elvis Bear

Build-A-Bear's latest—a tie-in with Baz Luhrmann’s most recent film—has the tacky jumpsuit, sideburns, and cape of late-era Elvis, but does it also have a crippling opioid addiction and penchant for appropriating Black music?

6. Beetlejuice Bear

Aside from being one of the ugliest Build-A-Bears ever conceived, this one conveniently ignores that the film character it's based on was… ya know… kinda rapey?

5. Oktobearfest Bears

If you want your 3-year-old kid to start drinking German beer, these are the bears to get them.

4. Gentrification bears

These aren't officially called "Gentrification bears" but what else would you call bears holding expensive lattes sporting shirts with phrases such as, "But first, brunch" and "Coffee please?"

3. Ursula Bear

Genuinely disturbing. It plays "Poor Unfortunate Souls," presumably out of its mushy purple tentacles.

2. Matrix Bear

This is one Matrix resurrection that didn't need to happen.

1. Thanos Bear

The peak of the Build-A-Bear "make anything cute" ethos was 2019's very strange Marvel tie-in that turns a genocidal villain who disappeared half of the Earth’s population with a snap of his fingers (spoiler?) into a bedtime cuddle buddy. Why not a Hannibal Lecter bear? Why not Hitler Bear?

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