15 Questions We Have About Jerone Davison's Bizarre "Democrats in Hoods" Political Ad
Photo: @Jerone4Congress/Twitter

15 Questions We Have About Jerone Davison's Bizarre "Democrats in Hoods" Political Ad

The viral clip depicts Arizona's congressional GOP hopeful standing his ground against Democrats dressed as klansmen. WTF?

Internet: Meet Jerone Davison. He’s a former NFL fullback turned pastor, who happens to be running for Congress in Arizona as a Republican. He's also the purveyor of one of the most bizarre political ads since Charlie Clips and DNA battled in the name of Biden back in 2020. And since it dropped yesterday, we haven't been able to stop watching the viral clip, which has been viewed more than 4 million times.

If you haven't already seen it, do yourself a favor and take a gander at this 30 seconds of bizarreness:

If nothing else, the political newcomer knows how to grab our attention. (Actual quote: “When this rifle is the only thing standing between your family and a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods, you just might need that semiautomatic.”) Still, viewers remain divided. NRA supporters are all like FTW! while everyone else is like WTF! Me? Well, let's just say I've got some questions. Holler at us, Jerone!

1. Is this what Klan robes are supposed to look like? Never knew the donkey was the official mascot for White supremacy.

2. We've seen that bat before. Negan? Is that you?? Dude never quite struck me as a Democrat, but okay.

3. Does this guy spend every morning in a full suit staring out his kitchen window looking for racists? Seems time consuming.

4. Isn't there something deliciously ironic about a Black man running as a Republican and portraying Democrats as Klansmen?

5. What was this dude’s game plan bum rushing Jerone Davison's house with that five-dollar-ass, Home Depot pitchfork? Seriously. What was he gonna do? Rake him to death?

6. Or this dude with this tiny little hammer? Is he going to Jerone’s house to lynch him or install crown molding?

7. Or this dude carrying whatever this little hand tool is? Did these guys raid a plant nursery before coming here? Who knew the KKK were such avid gardeners?

8. But seriously, has the KKK never heard of guns? Or knives? Is a tulip auger the deadliest weapon they could think of?

9. Where did they get this garb tailored? Could you picture the conversation happening across the dry cleaner counter? "It's not, like, the real Klan. It's for this promo ad I'm doing. It's gonna be sick! Trust me, it'll make sense once you see it. So...yeah, you'll have these ready by Friday?"

10. Serious question: Has Jerone Davison ever fired a gun before? Could be wrong, but pretty sure that’s not the direction you’re supposed to point them.

11. It is 8 in the morning, sir. Why are you wearing shades inside of your home?

12. Is this supposed to be a nod to [checks notes] Republican icon and famously devout Christian, Malcolm X?

13. Are you okay, Jerone Lamar Davison? Like, mentally?

14. How did the Klan hood end up in the pool? You know what? Never mind.

15. Imagine promising to "Make Rifles Great Again" in 2022, a year when there have been more than 300 U.S. mass shootings in less than 200 days. That's a question. Can you? Imagine? That?