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The 9 Most Annoying Coworkers You'll Ever Encounter, Ranked

Sometimes one coworker has all these qualities… which makes them the office bully.

9. Mya, the Miscommunicator

Doesn't read your emails and then sends a response like, "Per my last email…" followed by unintelligible gibberish. Zones out in meetings, loses voicemails, and never knows what's going on, because she doesn't listen.

8. Catty Kathy, the Info Warrior 

Asks a bunch of questions all the time ("How was your weekend?" "What did you think of that meeting?") to gain information from you that they'll use someday to their advantage. Sneaky AF.

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7. Steve, the Incompetent Know-It-All

The coworker who acts like an authority on everything, but has to consult with five different coworkers to fill out an expense form. Still can't figure out how to unmute on Zoom, but they still make more money than you do.

6. Betty, the Brown-Noser 

Betty makes sure the boss knows every accomplishment of theirs as they happen—especially when they're taking credit for your ideas or work.

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5. Eddie, the Exaggerator 

Eddie stretches the truth about his weekend (got laid twice!), his kids (A+ honor students!) and being distantly related to Jay-Z, but mostly about his work load and how much he's actually getting done. Spoiler: It's a lot less than Eddie says.

4. Cynthia the Clock-Watcher 

Tsk-tsks when they see you leaving five minutes early or when they notice during a video call that you’re working from home, as if your salary is coming out of their paycheck. Of course, those rules don't apply to Cynthia, who took a three-hour shopping lunch to Nordstrom yesterday.

3. Aaron, the Anal-Retentive Office Drone

Insists that things be done their way, even if it's not the way actual work gets accomplished. Will slow up everything with their inefficient, slow-ass, redundant process. You're not The Mandalorian and this isn't the way.

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2. Stacy, the Tattletale Snitch 

Their lips are firmly attached to the manager's ass—it's how they weaponize gossip about everybody and try to stay on the boss's good side. Will throw you under the bus so fast you'll think you're starring in "Speed 3: No Stopping Us Now."

1. Melvin, the Meeting Extender

Everyone is ready to head to lunch after an agonizing two-hour meeting, but Melvin has one more thing to discuss that wasn't on the agenda. Instead of screaming, like everyone else is doing inside, the manager says, "Sure, let's hear it." Who's got time for that? Nobody.