Penis Sizes are Growing Fast and Scientists Don't Know Why
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Penis Sizes are Growing Fast and Scientists Don't Know Why

There has been a 24% increase over the last 29 years

The average size of the male penis has seen a huge increase over a short amount of time and scientists are freaking out because they don’t know why. Researchers found that from 1992 to 2021, after adjusting for geographic region, subject age, and subject population the average length of the erect human male penis increased by 24% in those 29 years — from 4.83 inches to 5.99 inches.

Such a sweeping change in human evolution is concerning to scientists, namely because while a lot of men might be happier to have bigger penises, the reason for this modification may not be celebratory. Some guesses they have as causes are effects of global warming or boys (as well as girls) starting puberty earlier than they have before. Other guesses are a  “sedentary lifestyle,” obesity, and increasing exposure to “hormone-disrupting substances.”

The chief concern that scientists have with this data is that, well, the penis is a very important part of procreation. Researchers said that there have been “declines in sperm counts and serum, testosterone levels, higher rates of testicular tumors, and increasing genital birth defects” as well. Are all these things connected? Nobody knows yet, but in the conclusion of their study, the scientists said that “given the important implications of genital development for urinary and reproductive function, future studies should attempt to confirm the trend and identify the etiology.

Now a major flaw in this study, and of all studies that try to pin down an average penis length is volunteer bias, which basically means the study is beholden to whoever chooses to get involved. Of the data taken from the 55,761 men who volunteered, how likely do you think it is that they knew they have average to above average sized dingalings and were more open to being a part of a study, as opposed to men with smaller johnsons? You see how this works? Anyhow, be on the lookout for a concrete cause of this, because if something like say, Axe Body Spray is the culprit, who among us is going to treat it like it’s toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic?

And if a sedentary lifestyle makes your thing grow, will we see another man in the gym again? Debatable.

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