7 Reasons Employers Can’t Find Workers to Hire, Ranked
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7 Reasons Employers Can’t Find Workers to Hire, Ranked

Death to soul-sucking jobs with terrible perks!

7. T̶w̶o̶ One word: OnlyFans

The pandemic created a lot of new TikTok fans and creators. Some people are still trying to do social media influencing full time. Good luck to them. (They’re gonna need it.)

6. Have you looked at who’s hiring?

If you’re a company not named Google, Tesla, Apple, Nvidia, Adobe, or some other high-flying tech firm with high salaries, big perks, and stock options, you’d better have one hell of a sign-on bonus. Even Calvin quit WacArnolds.

5. Work from home

Some people are just never gonna return to the office. Unless you’ve got incredibly furnished office spaces with great views, free food, and on-site child care, lots of people would rather stay at home or work from coffee shops and coworking spaces. How else are they gonna squeeze in a midday nap?

4. Bosses are making it up as they go along

The chaos of the last couple of years has shown that many bosses and managers are unqualified to lead a fantasy football team, much less a staff of actual humans.

3. Rise of the Karens and Kens (and Wills)

Customer-service jobs have always sucked. But now customers think they can yell at you, spit at you, pull off your facemask, and even slap your face at the Oscars, just for doing your job. Hard pass.

2. Life is too short for this bullshit

Nothing like a near-death global experience to show you that working 9 to 5 until you die is not worth it.

1. Pay’s too low

Did you know housekeepers make below minimum wage working in Buckingham fucking Palace!? Pay people or consider not running a business. You could be an influencer instead!

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