The 5 Wildest Details From Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Interview, Ranked
Photo: CBS This Morning

The 5 Wildest Details From Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Interview, Ranked

Has anyone checked on the Palace?

Photo: CBS This Morning

5. Meghan Markle is actually ::shockedemoji:: nice?

Racism would have you out here thinking Meghan is a narcissistic control freak who broke up two royal brothers. But last night’s sit-down showed a woman with grace and the strongest of characters. It just goes to show: Never believe an institution that colonized a quarter of the entire world.

4. When Meghan was pregnant, the powers that be were worried about how dark Archie’s skin would be

We knew it. We thought it. But hearing Meghan confirm such blatant racism was enough to shock Oprah and all of us watching around the world. But wait, it gets worse. (Of course it does!) Had Harry and Meghan stayed acting members of the royal family, their son wouldn’t even get security. “The Firm” — as the institution of the British monarchy is known — thought that was an “appropriate” measure for the great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth. And just to top all that off, the Firm wouldn’t have even given lil’ dude the title of prince, even though all the royal grandchildren up until him had gotten the honor. Sounds about Wight.

3. Kate made Meghan cry

Back in 2018, Kate vs. Meghan headlines started pumping the rumor that Meghan made the queen-in-training cry during a flower girl dress fitting. But as Meghan told Oprah, the truth was actually the reverse: Kate made her cry. Three years of being falsely cast as the villain and then pouring out the tea to the Queen of All Media? Priceless.

2. Meghan experienced suicidal ideations during her time as a royal member

When the U.K. dragging was at its worst, Meghan told Harry that she had thoughts about not wanting to be alive anymore; she believed that if she wasn’t alive, the storm of controversies surrounding her would finally go away. We talk about representation a lot, but this may be the most important one of all.

1. Royal Girl Summer is coming

As Meghan Thee Royal shared, the couple is expecting a baby girl in summer. Vaccines and a new princess? Bring it on.

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