The 6 Best Blackety-Black-Black Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth, Ranked
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The 6 Best Blackety-Black-Black Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth, Ranked

Everyone might be getting the day off, but sometimes you gotta cling to what’s yours

6. Spark a Black-ass uprising

While he may have signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Honest Abe didn’t quite live up to his name when it came to his desire to send Black folks back to Africa. What better way to spend your newfound work holiday than by working to dismantle the corrupt system that brought him to power?

5. Enjoy a Black-ass brunch

Sure, we already do brunch twice a week, every week. But a Freedom Ride to the chicken-and-waffle spot hits different on Juneteenth.

4. Throw a Black-ass party

Juneteenth started in Texas, and there’s nothin’ like a good hoot-n-holler to liberate the spirit. Throw in some tongue-speak and you got yourself a shindig that does the original Jubilee Day proud.

3. Convene a Black-ass Zoom karaoke

Is the threat of the ’Rona blocking IRL time with the homies? All good, just fire up a Zoom call for a group recital of anthems both official (make sure you memorize those later verses of “Lift Every Voice”) and unofficial (be ready for that long-ass note in “Before I Let Go”).

2. Binge-watch Black-ass movies

Skip the trauma porn — this holiday is all about Black joy. So cue up some feel-good classics (House Party, Friday), so-bad-they’re-good gems (Pootie Tang), or, better yet, the “Juneteenth” episode of Atlanta (while sipping a Plantation Master Poison cocktail, of course).

1. Support some Black-ass businesses

In this sense, treat every day like Juneteenth.

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