The 6 Worst Cities to Spend Memorial Day Weekend, Ranked
Photo: Mitchell Funk/Getty Images

The 6 Worst Cities to Spend Memorial Day Weekend, Ranked

Even if you could go anywhere you wanted, why would you choose any of these spots?

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A forecast high of 102 degrees and you can’t even dress for it? More like Buh-bai, ’cause we’re out.

5. Miami Beach, Florida

Or Huntington Beach. Or the Jersey Shore. Or anywhere else where there’s a limited stretch of sand and tens of thousands of people getting day-drunk and working on their personal shade of lobster.

4. Red River, New Mexico

Considering we got stared at just pumping gas in this town — seriously — we’re not trying to stick around for the massive motorcycle rally that happens every holiday weekend.

3. Cancun, Mexico

If Mexico’s answer to Jacksonville wasn’t already on the Avoid list, Memorial Day weekend turns the knob all the way up to WTF levels with the Cancun Jumpoff festival (aka “Black Mardi Gras”). On one hand, we love to see our folks living it up. On the other… well, Jell-o shots.

2. Chestertown, Maryland

The 12 words guaranteed to send us running: “Dress up in Colonial gear to celebrate the annual Tea Party Festival.”

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Confession: This has nothing to do with Memorial Day. Boston is trash.

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