The 7 Greatest Ice-T Movies That We’ve Never Seen, Ranked

The 7 Greatest Ice-T Movies That We’ve Never Seen, Ranked

In honor of National Iced Tea Day, please enjoy this completely unscientific list

7. On The Edge

Ice-T appears on the cover artwork wielding a pistol, and really, what more do you need?

6. Air Rage

The trailer is only available in German and French, but we’re guessing that a language barrier isn’t going to make the thriller set aboard a hijacked plane — in which Ice plays a counterterrorism commando — any less incredible. (He’s strapped on the cover of this one, too.)

5. Stealth Fighter

A naval pilot goes full Machiavelli and fakes his death — but not before hijacking a stealth fighter jet, which he later uses to threaten and blackmail Uncle Sam. Now that’s power.

4. The Heist

A legendary rapper and Dylan from 90210 try to screw each other out of millions in stolen loot? Sure, why not. (As you can see above, once again, Ice-T keeps that MF thang on him!)

3. Hood Rat

Quick, what’s the lowest budget horror movie Ice-T has been in? Sorry, no, 2000’s Leprechaun In the Hood is not the answer. Because the next year, he co-starred in this joint about literal hood rats. Like, vermin that invaded the hood and attacked people. Cheap? Sure. As racist as a rapping leprechaun? Thankfully not.

2. ‘R Xmas

Ice-T holds a drug dealer for ransom, right in the midst of the Christmas season. The film’s trailer just couldn’t resist the sleigh bells and low-hanging pun, “This holiday, a different kind of snow is falling,” and honestly, we’re not mad at it.

1. Mean Guns

Owed money by a large number of debtors? Here’s an idea: Round their delinquent asses up in a vacant prison complex; dump guns, baseball bats, and other weaponry in the joint; and watch them beat the shit out of each other until only three remain, each of whom split a $10 million prize. Like Saw, minus the creepy puppet.

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