5 TikTok Subgenres Montana Residents Will Miss Most, Ranked
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5 TikTok Subgenres Montana Residents Will Miss Most, Ranked

How do we feel about this?

A Google search for scenic Instagram caption suggestions yields the following: "Escape to the mountains of Montana, and let yourself be free (of TikTok)." The parenthetical is mine, because as of yesterday, the Golden State has become the first to ban the use of the China-based social network inside of its geographical borders.

This is not a drill; the measure is slated to go into effect in January. It may not hold up—it's certainly going to be tough to enforce—but as other states consider similar measures, the news development made us wonder about what bizarre corners of TikTok residents of the state might miss most. Watch 'til the end!

5. DIYTok

Want to learn how to renovate a room in 30 seconds? These videos simulate a meth addiction + what to do with a Lowe's gift card.


Do you like the color?! This is my future office! #diyproject #homereno #renovation #diytok #renovationtok

♬ All For Us - from the HBO Original Series Euphoria - Labrinth & Zendaya

4. PlantTok

You know how everybody got really into planting seeds and AeroGardening during lockdown? Some people never stopped, posting TikToks of their everyday gardening tips, as if you couldn't just go to the supermarket and buy fully grown plants instead of waiting weeks for nature to do its slow-ass thing.


Stay for the mistakes to avoid at the end! 😭🌿 #repottingplants #houseplants #planttok #repotting #planttips #planttiktok #pothos #springvibes

♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

3. DeepTok

If it's trippy, takes an odd point of view or has the most bizarre filters, it belongs on DeepTok. This is where you'll find frogs, singing baked beans, and department stores that talk.


bringing beans to the trè🌳 #fyp #tre #beans #cometothetre


2. DanceTok

What really kicked off TikTok was the quality and ubiquity of lip sync and dance videos on the platform. Now viral music hits start there and it's a safe space for teens to embarrass their dads.


we practiced too much for him to be messing up like ??? #k18results #foryou #fyp #viral #shegetsherway #dancetiktok #daddaughter #daddysgirl 🤞🏾🫶🏾

♬ Her Way (Sped Up) - PARTYNEXTDOOR

1. BlackTikTok

Yes, there's an official account that rounds up the best of Black TikTok, picking up where the slowly dying #BlackTwitter left off.


Congratulations to all you 2023 Grads out there! Keep exemplifying ✨EXCELLENCE✨! 🎓

♬ original sound - Black TikTok