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The Seven Most Annoying iOS Bugs Apple Should Have Fixed By Now, Ranked

17 versions and still no 'Close All Apps?' Come on now, Tim Cook!

Apple's iOS 17 is out this week along with its iPhone 15 lineup and whether you're upgrading or sticking with your current late-gen smartphone (and aren't on Android), you will probably end up with this software in your hands.

But even after all this time, iOS still does stuff that drives us crazy. So crazy, in fact, that we decided to list the functions (or lack thereof) that grind our gears the most.

7. Random slide shows of the ex you’re trying to get over 

Not necessary, Apple. 

6. When it opens to your last horny text message

Apple is supposed to be all about privacy and security, but when you forget the last thing you did on your phone, open it up, and that big bright screen displays an embarrassing text, or adult video, or Tinder profile that someone you're with can see, you'll wish it defaulted to the home screen upon unlocking. Why isn't this an option in settings?

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5. How is copy/paste and typing somehow worse?

After all this time you'd think it would get easier to type and predictive-text your way through iOS, but somehow the AI has declined and the copy/paste and insert-cursor have gotten much, much worse over the years, not better.

4. Weirdly limited keyboard offerings

Speaking of the keyboard, we've looked and looked and can't find a single virtual keyboard app that includes numbers and symbols above the letter keys at the same time. Even setting up a dedicated number row is a pain.

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3. No 'Close All Apps'

Apple says open apps don't take any resources, so why bother, but for those of us who constantly use three fingers to OCD-close apps manually, it would be nice to keep our background apps space tidy and empty. (Ahem, like on Android.)

2. Apple Maps

Maybe it doesn't suck as hard as it once did, but it's still pretty awful.

1. Audio Hijacking

Whether it's transferring a phone call to your AirPods in the middle of a job interview or switching to a loud Spotify song while you were engrossed in a podcast, iOS will swap your audio to whatever app and whatever device it thinks you want without asking first. LEAVE OUR SOUNDS ALONE!