6 Things We Regret Buying at Bed Bath & Beyond, Ranked
Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

6 Things We Regret Buying at Bed Bath & Beyond, Ranked

R.I.P. 20%-off coupon, you were a real one

6. All-Clad pans for those elaborate meals we don't cook

These aren't really made for cooking grilled-cheese sandwiches, but that's mostly what our fancy cookware is being used for now.

5. 800-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets

These were supposed to make us sleep like a baby, but instead we're up all night, sweating under the covers, thinking about how much we spent for that high thread count.

4. That pricey espresso machine we never use

Every time it hisses foam, we just hear dollar bills whooshing out of our bank account. And we're still spending money at Starbucks, why are we like this?

3. Fluffy-ass towels that don't dry

Yes, wrapping yourself in plush, fluffy towels feels nice out of the shower, but it's like trying to dry yourself with a teddy bear. You're just enveloped in moistness and the towel gains about 20 pounds of water weight. Give us old, rough, quick-dry towels any day.

2. A $500 Dyson vacuum

Yes, it sucks admirably, but now we can see exactly how much filth and dirt and animal hair and nasty-ass grit we were living with and are amazed we haven't died of bacteria poisoning yet.

1. BBBY stock

Buy low, sell high, right? Well, it didn't look like Bed Bath & Beyond's stock price could go any lower, but wow it tumbled like Post Malone on stage. Sorry, meme stock traders. Is this cryptocurrency or something?

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