What Your Hair Part Says About You
Illustrations: Olivia Fields

What Your Hair Part Says About You

From a half-moon to racing stripes, the part reveals the personality

From a half-moon to racing stripes, the part reveals the personality

Corner part

You’re not one for gray areas — things are either black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. You’re passionate, intense, and loyal, always down to fight for what you believe in and who you care about. Style and substance are equally important. You are, to the occasional discomfort of those around you, a Scorpio.

Half-moon part

You look cool in every room you enter — and that’s important to you. But you’re also a traditionalist: You’ve got respect for the OGs (see: half-moon legend Nas), yet you’re ambitious enough to pave your own way (half-moon undergrad Drake). Just loosen up a little. Why so serious?

Center part

A man with a middle part etched into his Caesar (à la a young Stephon Marbury) likely pours milk into a bowl before the cereal, wears jeans while lounging at home, and believes in the sanctity and efficacy of the Electoral College. All of which is to say: Do you, playboy.

Racing stripes

Wait, don’t tell us: You’re a former athlete who either just missed making your high school varsity team or you have a bitter (and completely fabricated) story about a hateful coach or teacher who never thought you’d amount to anything. Let it go, bro.


Having words shaved into your hair suggests a level of bravado that most self-aware bruhs simply don’t possess — your head is essentially a human Goodyear Blimp. It’s a perfect fit for commitment-phobes on Instagram: All the flamboyance of a tattoo with a two-week scalp life. Just make sure your barber knows how to spell.