Cup Noodles Debuts Its Least Appetizing Flavor Yet
Photo: Nissin Foods USA

Cup Noodles Debuts Its Least Appetizing Flavor Yet

Breakfast has just gotten a whole lot cheaper—and soggier

Times are tough, budgets are tight, maybe you should replace your Starbucks and muffin breakfast habit with something… shall we say… a little more frugal?

At a time when even Taco Bell offers a breakfast menu, Cup Noodles was like, "Yes. Us too. Let's do this." The company has introduced a breakfast offering for those who look at day-old donuts at Circle K and say, "Too rich for my blood!"

As reported by CNN, the four-minute microwave meal has sausage and eggs (or some approximation thereof) and also has flavorings of pancakes and maple syrup. But in hot liquid. With ramen noodles.

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If you can keep from vomiting this thing all of the floormats of your car on your morning commute, you might be on to some major cost savings! It just went on sale yesterday for $1.18 at Walmart. Or you could order it online if you're fancy like that from the parent company Nissin Foods, according to CNN. Unfortunately, we can't find it yet on the website and Nissin doesn't seem to have a way to order noodles, including Top Ramen, on the site.

Maybe we're harping on the cost benefits of a thing you would never otherwise try, but have you seen the price of eggs lately? The company says it's shooting for a product that is tasty, convenient, and a great value. Are you willing to settle for two out of three for under five quarters a pop?

The company previously sold pumpkin-spice ramen and somehow stayed in business, so maybe they know something about consumer eating habits that the rest of us don't. Anyhow. Give the breakfast ramen a try and let us know how it is. Enjoy your floating chunks of sausage in hot water. Some reports indicate it might just be a sleeper hit.

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