You Can Get Paid Nearly $18,000 to Drop Draw 4s on People's Heads
Photo by Simon Ray / Unsplash

You Can Get Paid Nearly $18,000 to Drop Draw 4s on People's Heads

You may not want to skip the opportunity to become Chief Uno Player

Flush from its Barbie movie triumph, Mattel is pushing hard on its other brands (many of which may also become movies), including Uno. The company has created a Chief Uno Player job and says it will pay a lucky person $4,444 every week for four weeks starting in September. (It's a temp job, unfortunately.)

Sky News reports that the role will involve making video content as well as playing and teaching others Uno Quatro, a variation on the game that involves tiles instead of cards and looks a lot like Connect Four, which is owned by Hasbro, not Mattel. Said person will basically serve as an ambassador for the game, doing interviews, challenging strangers, and starring in social media content. They’ll have to play for four hours a day, four days per week. Notice a theme here?

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To apply for the job, candidates have to post a video on TikTok and answer questions including, "What's your best memory of playing UNO?" and "Why shouldn't you get skipped as the Chief Uno Player?"

The weirdest part of the posting is Mattel's apparent misunderstanding of how Uno works. They want a friendly candidate "with really good vibes"—not a ruthless jerk who would will nuke family and friends with Draw 4s in their darkest hour. In Uno, players learn to hate each other and get revenge with reversals, skips, and draw cards. People have been killed over Uno games! The job would seem to be a better fit for someone who is evil and hates people. If that sounds like you, you have until Aug. 10 to apply.